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We excel in creating opportunities for people and for organisations, by identifying and nurturing talent in the market across our core practice areas; talent that can be developed, can create solutions, and can take your career or organisation to the next level.

About Us

Kairos Search provides Interim and Permanent Recruitment and Search services for Technology, Risk and Governance and Change Management professionals spanning the Financial Services, FinTech and Management Consulting Sectors.

Through extensive experience providing support to global top tier financial institutions (Banking, Investment Management and Insurance), Management Consulting firms, start-up and established FinTech organisations and Regulatory bodies, alongside high calibre, talented Professionals, we have developed a passion for understanding company and team structures, cultures and visions, as well as the intrinsic and extrinsic motivators for the people we represent. Kairos focus on establishing and nurturing networks across core sectors, and ensuring every interaction with us is valuable and insightful.

Practice Areas

Risk Management

Risk Management focuses on ensuring businesses manage their risks effectively, be it financial or operational in nature. Our focus is in supporting the human capital aspect of risk, ensuring our clients have the right people in place to create the right environment, culture & processes that serve to maintain an effective risk and control framework which enhance business performance and reputation.


Compliance is the adherence to and management of regulatory policy and legislation, created to ensure right and proper conduct within an organisation. Integral to any firm that operates under the supervision of regulatory bodies, our focus is to identify professionals who can provide guidance and advice to the business in order to efficiently manage and maintain compliance and legal requirements; while enabling, rather than inhibiting, effective business performance and preserving reputation.

Audit & Assurance

Effective controls in any organisation requires a sense-check on operational, financial and business processes, a line of defence which serves to protect the business from external impacts through internal checks. Our focus is on understanding the key dynamic between Audit and the business, ensuring that professionals tasked with protecting your business do so with a commercial mind-set which enables effective business performance while maintaining effective controls and sustaining reputation.

Leadership Practice

Managing risks, ensuring compliance and maintaining controls within the boundaries of the evolving economic and regulatory landscape of today’s business world is a key challenge to any organisation. This requires the right leaders with the right skills to inspire confidence and trust that the framework of governance is fit for purpose while remaining commercially effective. We believe leadership is the combination of credibility, experience, and reputation, and seek to identify current and future leaders with these traits who instil confidence in the people around them.

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